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Professional + Quick Prototyping, Construction and Production


We have provided top-service to the following industries: Medical, Communications, Oil and Gas, POS Solutions, R&D, and Automotive to name a few.


Quick Turn Production

We love to help your dreams come true...What we do best is assist you to build-out your ideas fast, cost effective and amazing!

At Servetronics we understand that our clients operate in a highly competitive milieu, where time-to-market margins are crucial not only to the development of their products but also to the overall success of their business. At no other point is this more important than in the prototyping phase of product development. Servetronics’ prototyping solutions provide our clients with:

  • 24 hours (or less) turnaround time on most prototypes; and

  • the industry’s most competitive turnaround times on more complex (dense) PCB assemblies without compromising quality of workmanship;

  • consignment services; and

  • full turnkey services, including design, parts procurement, testing and enclosure.

Our flexible management staff allows your design team to make the necessary changes – “on the fly” – to the bill of materials in the prototyping process quickly, and efficiently.

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Low to Mid Volume, High-Mix Production

Production is where we see the fruits of our labour...Taking the prototype and mass producing it, so we can take it to market.

To suit our clients growing high mix low to mid volume production demands, Servetronics can place 25, 000 surface mount components per hour. Our low to mid volume assembly competencies are:

  • BGA, micro BGA assembly,

  • Double sided, and mirrored BGA assembly,

  • Thru hole assembly,

  • SMT component placement from 0402 to fine pitch QFPs, and

  • No-clean as well water wash process

Servetronics employs an advanced monitoring system to ensure that our clients are fully aware of their product’s production process. In addition, all workmanship adheres to IPC – A – 610 (or better, if stipulated by our client) workmanship standards.

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Complete Box Build + Functional Testing

We bring extensive industry knowledge & expertise...From enclosures to cable assembly and everything in-between.

We have a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers to help our clients with development and construction. All our engineers strive for excellence and are passionate about what they do, which is visible in the solutions they ingénue.

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Cable and Harness Assembly

We love to help your dreams come true...What we do best is assist you to build-out your ideas fast, cost effective and amazing!

We provide cable / harness assembly for the military, automotive and consumer electronic products.

In addition to a quick turnaround, our highly qualified engineering team can assist you in designing cables / harnesses that would meet your specific technical requirements.

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BGA Replacement and Reballing

Compellingly transform plug-and-play expertise whereas efficient platforms. Authoritatively communicate quality sources vis-a-vis standards compliant partnerships.

  • BGA reballing

  • BGA component removal replacement and salvage

  • X-ray inspection

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We offer quick-turn, turn-key solutions to forecasted material requirements planning.