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Where Vision Meets Reality: The Possibilities are Endless!


We help you turn your vision into reality, from innovator to inventor. Transforming ideas into prototypes, quickly and easily.

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Our Edge

We are unique & stand-out due to our size and strong customer base, ability to handle simple to complex products, quick turnaround times, and expertise in hybrid manufacturing, design engineering & supply chain management systems.

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Quick-Turn Production and Prototype

This represents the core of our business. We offer tailor-made solutions quickly & effectively. We work with you to achieve the best end result. We assist you every step of the way — from research & analysis to design to production. We love helping ideas get their wings.

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Surface mount technology (SMT), Thru-hole technology, Mixed technology, Mechanical assembly and box build, Cable and harness assembly, X-ray, automated optical inspection capabilities, Functional testing, Conformal coating, Repair, upgrade, and refurbishment.

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Green Leaders

Create a stellar product while reducing the size of your ecological footprint without sacrificing quality. We have the ability to produce a 100% compliant RoHS product.

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The Ultimate Solution:
For Today’s Innovators.

We offer more than just an experience. We offer a complete and proven development process, best practices and technology, and a team of intelligent innovators to achieve the look, function and performance desired in your final product!


the nitty gritty

Why Us?

We give legs to your vision. We deliver high-quality and fast service guaranteed! What does this really mean for you?

  • Turn-Key & Flexible Solutions

  • Rapid Prototypes

  • Proven Development Process

  • Quality Engineering 

  • Highly Qualified Management Team

  • A-Z Production

  • Finished Product for Market

  • Customer Driven Atmosphere

We love ideas and seeing them come alive and will help you achieve your goals at every step of the way.

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